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Every Sunday morning, receive loving, yet motivational ass-kickings and resources to empower you, as an entrepreneur, for navigating brand growth while prioritizing mental + physical health.

"Adam was the reason I even started Doom Toy Coffee in the first place. Sometimes it takes someone looking in to light a fire under you. Adam definitely gave me the confidence to go for it, as well as advice on how to navigate the process of starting."

Josh / Doom Toy Coffee

About Me

I'm Adam Tanaka

I was overdrawn $350 in my bank account, in the middle of a recession when I started my first company. I grew it to 7 figures without borrowing money and without bringing on partners. Now, I have the best job in the world listening to and helping other founders push through each phase and JUST KEEP GOING! 

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What now, you might ask...

3 Different Ways To Get Started



1:1 STRATEGY + MINDSET coaching to help bring you massive clarity to push through the fear, the doubt, feeling stuck, growing, changing, navigating with intention and prioritizing well-being. Building a business is hard, but you are not alone.



Founder's Circle is a community of entrepreneurs and founders who meet up once a month for an hour to have open and honest conversations about the various stages of business and mindset growth. 



I offer project-based consulting on a case by case basis. Some areas of focus include team and systems building, organizational leadership, go-to-market strategies, product development, and strategic process. 

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