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1:1 STRATEGY + MINDSET coaching to help bring you massive clarity to push through the fear, the doubt, feeling stuck, growing, changing, navigating with intention and prioritizing well-being. Building a business is hard, but

you are not alone.


I've been there...

Whatever stage you are at in your personal and professional journey - 

Maybe you just started a company...

Or you are founder 5 years in and feel completely lost on the next growth phases, wondering if there is even such a thing as work/life balance (fyi - these are not opposing forces)...

You are incredibly overwhelmed and feel scattered, maybe to the point of wanting to give up...

Perhaps you're working your butt off 12+ hours a day but you're not making the money you want to be making...

You might feel trapped OR everything mentioned here + more has brought about physical and/or mental issues and navigating anything professionally has become a daily battle...

This list can fill up countless pages in the world of an entrepreneur. Running a company and thriving as a founder is hard. It can be absolutely draining. 

You may (or may not be) be a master of your domain but your confidence is shot, and in turn, imposter syndrome turns into impossible syndrome. That chatter in your thick noggin is real but believe it or not, YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

We can meet all of this head on by starting where you are with your thought processes, to create a strategy for moving forward. I believe slow and steady is truth.



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We're probably not a good fit if...

  • You want to make that next sale as fast as possible...

  • Maybe you're not concerned about your well-being as much as making a ton of money...

  • "Who the hell needs a coach anyways," they say....

  • You think you can do this on your own...

  • Building community is not a priority...

Even so, the above is all the more reason we might
actually be a damn good fit. 

I get it - without money, we don't have a roof over our heads, food on the table, a vehicle to get around in. There was a time I couldn't afford my electric bill for an entire winter because I had to choose rent and food over basic utilities. It's down-right embarrassing. Pipes froze, I ate canned food and dried ramen (do NOT recommend.) At this time in my life, me not having the right mindset about money or time caused a disastrous ripple affect that year. 

But here's the thing - no matter where you're at or what you're working with, your story can be rewritten right now.


The choice is yours to make, whether you want to actively shape the life you desire or continue to believe in your limiting narratives.

Goals + Timelines + Accountability = Effective Execution. We'll deep dive into short term/long term goals and then get to work.

Goal Setting

Burnout is very real and it sneaks in quickly. Before you know it, you have nothing left to give. We'll work through this so you have the right tools to stay ahead of it.

Burn Out

As a founder, hitting a significant growth goal is exciting. Getting to the next phase of growth can sometimes become daunting or seem impossible.

It's NOT impossible and it's even more exciting than before. 

Revenue Growth

Areas of Focus

Create structures, systems, and standards you can apply to your personal and professional life.

Align goals with your deepest values. 

Build a framework that will lead to winning outcomes. Find your WHY and get to work.

+ Systems

The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen. Leaders inspire.

Leaders never stop seeking self-improvement.


Your mindset shapes and influences how you EVERYTHING. 

Negative mindset = negative results.

Positive mindset = positive results. 

It's simple math (and science) so this is always going to be a core focus.


1 hour of focused work is better than 8 hours of distracted work. Deep work creates opportunity to tackle high level strategy and gain significant traction on large projects. 

Deep Work

Consistency is, in fact, the key. It establishes trust and you begin understanding the goals & priorities much more clearly. 

Consistency = Success 


"Adam does such an incredible job and having a coach who truly cares about your brand and what you do as an organization is priceless! Adam is so supportive!"

Jen / Cul2vate Farms

Let the motivational
ass-kickings and empowerment begin!

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